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Joe Fox

Certified Project Manager (PMP)®, technologist and problem-solver

Welcome to the creative home of Joe Fox!

I am a life-long learner, raised by life-long learners. I believe that you need to take the educational experiences you gain from all of life, including school, college, work -- and most importantly those mistakes and failures along the way, and use them to improve your thinking. Improving your thinking will improve your ability to do things and to do them more efficiently and effectively -- and doing things leads to more learning. This cycle is constantly repeating itself in our daily lives, and I have taken from that to become the creative technology problem-solving guy that I am today (and the same process will inform who I will become tomorrow!).

To sum up, we must be Always Learning, Always Dreaming and Always Doing... that's how we will make our dreams and visions come to life.


"How often I found where I should be going only by setting out for somewhere else." ~R. Buckminster Fuller